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She is unlikely to make such claims herself, but people ‘in the know’ describe Moniek Peek as being multitalented. Where others are satisfied with sticking to a single style and/or art form, Moniek is constantly looking to break through her artistic borders. There is no point trying to pigeonhole her work. What we can say for certain however is that the Utrecht-born artist has found plenty of inspiration in both people and nature in the Salland village of Heino for many decades now. And also that her work can be typified as colourful and illustrative, with an eye for detail.

After graduating as a graphical designer and illustrator at the HKU University of the Arts in her home city of Utrecht (1984), she began work as a freelancer. By accepting a variety of assignments, Moniek was able to lay the foundations for her versatility, as it were. Over the years however, she has begun to focus more and more on painting, illustrating and freestyle drawing.

This website gives an extensive overview of the works by Moniek Peek. Illustrative, in pen and ink and/or in acrylics.

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