‘The essence is to move people, to make them happy and to make them feel alive.’

Moniek’s work focuses on amazement, emotion and, not unimportantly: humour! She frequently uses acrylics in her paintings, often combined with various other materials: pencil, ink, chalk and collage.

‘By adding, removing and working layer by layer, a new picture keeps evolving. By stepping away from the straight and narrow, letting go and rediscovering. Sensation after new sensation. Always trusting to instinct to reveal the unexpected, concealed purity.’

Moniek has been painting and drawing from a very young age. It’s a basic instinct. ‘I need to share emotions, from myself to those around me. I want to move people and make them feel alive. To surprise viewers with a story, my story. To make them look around again in surprise. To rediscover the child, the primal instinct, the soul of each person. And to make them feel happy and connected.’

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